ShipingStore (Industry of Biomedical Equipment Supplier & Service )


Shiping Store is a online leading supplier of biomedical tested tools.having a strong research and advanced technology team supported by state of the art facilities. What started off as a single facility – single product supplier company in 2015 grew to be a multi-location group having product list spreading across an array of therapeutic segments. Shiping Store was given the export house status in the last year. Shiping Store is currently a listed company having ever appreciating domestic customer base. Having four multi product facilities in operation and one research centers, Shiping store has truly graduated into big league with more than 50 employees working for it

We provide a diverse range of product solutions:

  >Electrical safety analyzers

>Patient monitor testers (simulators)
>Incubator / radiant warmer analyzers
>Defibrillator / AED / pacemaker analyzers
>Infusion device analyzers
>Electrosurgical unit testers
>Ventilator / gas-flow analyzers
>Pressure / flow meters

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Chairman & Managing Director

     Mr. Gouda is a dynamic leader in a career spending almost Seven Year, he has gained versatile experience in all facets of Biomedical industry ranging from project development and execution to commercial closures. He handled all biomedical equipment supplier and services and commercialization issues and has been the force behind expansion of Shiping Store online platform from a single product single facility organization to multi product multi facility one.